Some of Katie Did's Digital & Computer Art
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Most of these were for school, but even so, they turned out pretty cool.
I didn't really make any billboards, but they were designed to specific specs for one...the photos were snagged, but the design, colors and blips were mine. "Katie Cocmos" and "Roulette" were both self portraits for two different semesters.  "Karen Collage" is a collection of photos arrangend into a photo mosaics of sorts for a final project in Digital Photography. The "GKCAD" was the graphic used on the front page of the first (and only other) web page I made. It was for the Greater Kansas City Association of the Deaf. "Time to Write", "Karen and Jon" and "Starry Eyed" are digital photos I took then simply used filters to create the cool effects. And last but not least, the "Woody" images are my little wood buddy just going about his daily routine (with a few filters added to him as well).

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Time to Write
Cosmos Katie
(Olympic Billboard)

Karen & Jon
(Olympic Billboard)
Starry Eyed

takes a Bath
Woody Cooks
Karen Collage
Ice Gold
(Olympics Billboard)

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And while I am not trying to pull these images off as anything professional, there is always the hope, there is some genius Graphic Art CEO/Executive out there who can spot raw tallent, and a very slight chance he might decide to take me under his wing and make me rich and famous.

(Right! When cows fly! ...Hey! They did that in "Twister", didn't they?")

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