Katie was nervous.
She paced to and fro.
What tale should be first?
She just didn't know.

Bloop Goopy was angrily
Katie's great stories.
He yelled, "I am waiting!"

"I think there's just one
story you know so well,"
"And that story is,
you've got stories to tell!"

"No!" Katie said.
"Of great tales, I have many!"
"It's just at this moment,
I can't think of any."

He pounded his fist
very hard on the ground.
Then he roared very loud,
"If you don't tell me stories,
your home you have found!"

The small neon peach said,
"He needs something silly."
"I think he should hear
your great tale 'Upstream Willy'."

Katie smiled and said, "Thanks.
That's an ingenious notion."
"Humor works best
as a calming down potion."
Fallow Katie and see what Bloop Goopy thinks of the first story. Let's hope he likes it!
* * * * *