These puzzles are from the stories by Katie Did.
The search-a-Word puzzles are her favorite!
It's fun to print two of the same one and race with your mom or dad.
I bet you could beat them. Katie beats her mom all the time!
(although...sometimes, she lets her win)
Just click on the title of the puzzle you want to print, then Have fun!
(you might need your parent's help to use the printer...it's always best to ask first)

* * * * *


Maggie May Goes to the Moon
The Angels In Heaven
Upstream Willy
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Time
Stinky Bee Toes

* * * * *

Help Upstream Willy find his way out to sea.
Help the Clinger Kids find their Mama
Find your way to the Angels
Help Oompah, Blinko and Zimmo
Help The Toe Nipping Croc
Help Katie find the peaches

* * * * *
Which One Is Different?
Cling City Judge
Cling City King
Swirling Willy
Magie May 1
Maggie May2
Angel 1
Angel 2

* * * * *
Secret Code
Message from Katie Did
How to get your parents to let you pierce your ears
What you say to a friend when you're really mad at them
Katie Did's Favorite Story

* * * * *
Grid Drawings

Draw the Characters of Katie Did's Stories easily with the use of a cool thing called the grid method. Just find the same square in the big blank grid as in the small picture grid and draw what you see. In no time, you'll have a full size picture...
one square at a time!

Click on the picture you would like to
"Grid Draw" and print it out.

* * * * *
How Many Words?

Upstream Willy
The Angels In Heaven
Maggie May

* * * * *
Scrambled Words

What most kids have once a year
What most people say once a year
What you might read before bed.
Which of these Toys do you have?
Types of Weather
Let's go Bowling
Good Food

* * * * *

* * * * *

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