Sneak Preview

The Plooblooken Fair.
Story and Illustrations by
Katie Did
The Plooblooken Fair is coming, and it's time for all the Plooblookens to pack up all their extra love and send it down to their favorite planet, Earth. There's just one problem...the Queen Of Plooblooken has been stolen by Nasty Feather Flew Hooten, and she is the only one who knows how to light the Love Rocket...without all their extra love, Earth will surely break out in more wars and trouble will ensue. Can Guster and the Wize Old Grupsag save the Queen from Feather Flew Hooten? Join us and find out.

* * * * *
On the Planet Plooblooken, everyone is different...REALLY DIFFERENT...

* * * * *  
"Now those of Plooblooken
aren't like you at all.
They all are quite different,
some small and some tall."

" From a few hairs,
to blue screw hair,
to toadstool hair and more...
Some had spaghetti hair
down to the floor."

"Coach McGee's hair
was a white picket gate,
and Preacher Dundee's hair
was scoot-booten skates."

"Zed, their best Cop
had red thread on his head,
and his partner was Ned,
a small mutt thoroughbred."
"The Plooblooken Doc
had a beak like a hawk.
On the top of his head
was a daisey mohawk."

"He did not speak much
'cause he squawked when he talked.
So he wrote what he spoke
on a board with some chalk."

"The Plooblooken Queen
was most treasured of all.
Her pink truffled hair,
had a small water fall."

"Which trickled and tickled
her nose when she talked,
and it swished and it squished
on her feet when she walked."

* * * * *  
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