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Jelly Beans & Sardines
by Katie Did

* * * * *  
This is a tale
I suppose no one knows.
It's a very strange story
and here's how it goes.

Back when I was six
maybe seven, no wait...
I think I was more
near that smart age of eight,

I lived in a place
and they called it Mud City,
A soggy, wet place,
with a busy committee,

Campaigning and voting
on things to be done.
Like just how to make this
small town have more fun.

The town got its name
from the fact that it rained
a little each day,
and the people complained.

They fussed and they griped.
They whined and they grumbled.
"Just why must it rain every day?"
they all mumbled.

Well, I had a good friend
who lived up in a tree.
In a house that he'd built.
He was older than me.

Now when I say older,
I mean really old.
His age in exact years
had never been told.

He was smart and he said
he taught science at college.
He told me his name
was Professor VanKnowledge.

But no one who lived
in Mud City had heard
of Professor VanKnowledge.
They called him a nerd.

In fact they all said
he was daft and quite wacky.
They said that his manner
of dress was right tacky.

They laughed at the things
which he spent time inventing.
They scoffed and pee-shawed
at his experimenting.

His house in the tree
was a big laboratory.
And I know that you're thinking
I've made up this story.

But believe me, it's true.
And you'll see what I mean.
If you go to this town
and you see what I've seen.

It happened one day,
he spilled green jelly beans
on top of an opened up
can of sardines.

Well those beans and sardines
trickled down in the boiler,
and would have been fine
had they not hit the coiler.

A warning specifically said,
But it said nothing of
jelly beans or sardines.

Now I know when all colors
are mixed they turn black.
And I know jelly beans
have some colors they lack,

Like crimson, and egg plant,
and peach tangerine.
And moose juice, and honey dew
blue nectarine.

So I'm guessing when jelly beans
mix and melt down
with sardines, they turn
a quite nice shade of BROWN.

For that coiler and boiler
blew up the compressor.
It blew up his bed,
and his desk and his dresser.

The roof of his house
and most leaves in the tree
blew high in the sky
with Professor and me.

The town was all covered
in brown smoke and goo.
And you'll never believe,
though I swear that it's true,

It started to sprinkle
on top of the goo,
and it changed into red,
orange, pink, yellow and blue.

There was crimson and egg plant
and peach tangerine.
And moose juice and honey dew
blue nectarine.

And even some colors
that I'd never seen.
Then I noticed one missing,
'twas jelly bean green.

But it wasn't just goo
that was lacking the green
Nowhere in the town
was the green to be seen.

In place of the green
was the color of goo,
the color of colorful goo,
yes it's true.

* * * * *
Join us in January and find out what happens when the town discovers that the color 'green' is missing from Mud City. What do you think would happen if everything in your town that was once green was the 'color of colorful goo'? E-mail Katie with your ideas. Grass? Lizards? Money? Trees? Wouldn't it be strange to find they were no longer green?

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Coming in January, 2000!

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