Sneak Preview

Hannah and the Wacky Wish Spender
by Katie Did

* * * * *  
Grandpa a ballerina? Dad a cow? A tomato the size of a house? This and lots more are the results of the Wacky Wish Spender who grants 4 year old Hannah everything she could possibly wish for. But the wonder and magic of spending wishes turns into anything but fun for this child of a very busy family.


* * * * *
...As she turned to go in
from the side of one eye,
she saw something fall
down out of the sky.

'Cross the moon, through two clouds,
past one night flying hawk.
Then it lightly touched down
on her shinny sidewalk.

It fizzled and sizzled
and drizzled small sparks.
Just like the fireworks,
Hannah saw at the park.

With a poof of green smoke
it began to take shape.
'Twas a miniature star,
with small wings and a cape.

The star hooked his thumbs
'neath his rainbow suspenders,
and said, "My friends call me
the Wacky Wish Spender."

"I have sixteen wishes
to spend just on you.
But take what you wish,
for they just might come true."

* * * * *
Join us and find out what sixteen things Hannah could possibly wish for, and the problems she has as a result. If you had sixteen wishes, what would you wish for? E-mail Katie with your wishes and she will post them here with your name and hometown, until Dr. Doodles gets the illustrations done.

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