Katie Did's Mail

Check out the first Artist
of the Year 2000!
Kudos to Mercedes Henry!

The best way to get in touch with Katie Did is to e-mail her at neonpeach@excite.com

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Got any ideas for more stories? A writer can never get too many ideas, and you kids are imagination machines! So, no matter how strange or silly, Katie would love to write you a story.

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If you have any stories that YOU have written and are especially proud of, send them to Katie and she will post them to the Artist's Showcase also.

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Jokes, jokes and more jokes! Got any that aren't here? How about wise advise? E-mail (or snail mail) them to Katie and she'll post them with your name, age, and home town.
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Cyberangels is the largest Internet safety and help group. If you
need help from one of their volunteers, click on the Cyber911 link.