Katie's Letter to Santa


December 4, 1999

Dear Santa,

It's me, Katie and I want a smaller butt for Christmas. Perhaps some siding for my house and we really need new carpet. Maggie's teething phase is over and she's moved on to bigger things like the television and the couch cusions. (Advance warning for next year's request) I really would like for Jon to get a computer, because he's becoming a real hog on mine. He's up to fifteen minutes, EVERYDAY now! I have web pages to work on and stories to write. And oh yea, if maybe you could see to it that a publisher reads and wants to publish my stories, making me a world famous children's writer, that would really be the greatest...and I'll leave you some milk and cookies, or is it cheese you want? Well, give Mrs. Santa a big hug for me, and no offense about the butt refference ...yours and your wife's are very attractive...on you two anyway. If you could contact the tooth fairy and ask her to stop by some night and take just a few shades of coffee stain of my teeth that would be great too. Ok, I'm closing now. Oh yea, I'll tell him when I talk to him tonight, but will you also tell Jesus I said 'Happy Birthday, and thanks for everything?' I hope you have a nice Christmas, and I know how bad it sucks to work on Christmas; I did it for the past thirteen years. But then, that wasn't the only day of the year that I worked! Take care, and I'll talk to ya next year.

Love, Katie Did,
~the grown up kid ~