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December 18, 1999

"Santa Mail Brims Over"

Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I want there to be peace in East Timor and for all the men and women helping over there to come back for Christmas to their families.
    I would also like two things from you - a Pokemon Gameboy and a Pokemon Gameboy game (yellow version).
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    That's just one of thousands of letters being sent to the North Pole this Christmas.
       With less than a week until the Big Guy embarks on his annual delivery run, Aussie children are ensuring he knows what they want.
    Santa's helpers at Australia Post have been swamped by letters, drawings, confessions and apologies from youngsters anxious to know if they're on his list.
    Rod Preston from Australia Post expects Mr Claus will receive around 25,000 letters and more than 2000 e-mails - the first time he has used the technology.
    In the deluge are heartfelt wishes for world peace and pages of wanted goodies, with pictures from toy catalogues (just to make sure no mistakes are made when Santa's sleigh is packed).
    Some have told Santa where they can be found on Christmas Eve and a few sent in door keys.
     The most requested gifts are Pokemon Gameboys, Furbies, bikes, train sets, soccer kits and scooters. Even adults have written to Santa, wanting everything from a peaceful Christmas to a tall, dark, handsome stranger.
     Zac is worried Santa may get sick on Christmas Day and wants to know if there is a back-up plan so the presents will be delivered.
     Robert promises not to beat up his younger brother if only Santa delivers some groovy gifts.
     "If you are going to give me coal again, please send it in heat bead form so I have some use for it," the cheeky youngster e-mails.
     Little Rochelle promises not to cry at school, wet her pants or jump on the couch any more - if she receives a blue scooter.
     Karissa wants a dog but asks Santa to leave it outside while budding starlet Rhiannon has put an order in for a wig, microphone, and high heels.
     Some want presents for their parents, including Dylan who wants $2000 to buy his mother a reliable second-hand car.
     Some try to bribe their way on to Santa's list by sending presents, candy and old dummies.
     "All my friends say Santa is a fake but you will always be real in my heart," Manu writes.
     Santa has his own postcode at the North Pole (1420) to cope with all the mail.

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