Maggie May
goes to the moon

One day on her farm,
Maggie May broke her arm
when she flew from the top
of her old wooden barn.

The wings she had made
came unglued and she fell,
landing flat with a splat
just two feet from the well.

"I don't understand,"
Maggie said to the Doc.
"I worked and I worked,
and I worked 'round the clock.
I worked for two days
and I never did stop."

"I gathered the best
of the feathers we had.
I guess of two things
I should really be glad..."

"One, from the plucking
I didn't get pecked,
and two, that my neck
wasn't broke when I wrecked."

"You're right," said the Doc,
"Could you be more behaved?
It's the third time this week
your small life I have saved."

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