Parents can watch for these signs of language developement:

* BY 3 MONTHS - Smiles at the sound of your voice and begins to babble. Begins to imitate some sounds and turn their head toward the direction of sounds.

* BY SEVEN MONTHS - Responds to their own name. Begins to respond to the word "no" and starts to distinguish emotions by tone of voice. Responds to sound by making sounds. Uses their voice to express happiness and displeasure and babbles chains of consonants.

* BY AGE ONE - Pays increasing attention to speech and responds to simple verbal requests and to "no". Babbles with inflection and says, "mama" and "dada". Uses exclamations such as "Oh-oh!" and tries to imitate words.

* BY AGE TWO - Recognizes names of familiar people, objects and body parts. Points to objects or a picture when it is named for them. Says several single words (by 15-18 months). Uses phrases (by 18-24 months). Follows simple instructions and repeats words overheard in conversation.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

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