Maggie May
goes to the moon

page 3

But this time was bad,
she had broken a bone.
Maggie May was so sad,
and she said with a moan,

"What will I do now
that I'm laid up in bed?"
"I guess all that's left
are the brains in my head."

"And I still have one arm,
and nine good working toes,"
"and my ears, and my eyes
and my keen smelling nose."

So she thought and she plotted,
she schemed and she planned.
Of all of her plans,
this would be the most grand.

She wrote up a list
of the things that she needed.
Then with her parents
she desperately pleaded...

"How can I get hurt?
I'm stuck here in this bed!"
"It's just a few things!"
Then Dad said, "Go ahead."