The Angels In Heaven
danced when you were born

The Angels in Heaven
danced when you were born.
One root-a-toot-tooted
her gold, shiny horn.

Another did back flips
and hummed a kazoo,
but they ALL whooped and hollered
and yelled, "Whoop-De-Doo!"

Some blew in big bugles,
some pounded pianos.
A few banged on bongos,
and strummed on their banjos.

They jigged up a big
celebration with glee,
because you were the cutest
they ever did see!

One pranced and sashayed
on a white, fluffy cloud.
But they all sang and danced.
They were so very proud,

That you had been born
and you lived on the Earth.
It filled all their hearts
with joy, love and mirth.

One long bearded angel
who beat on a drum,
asked all of the others
just what you'd become.

One angel supposed you
an artist or dancer.
Another suggested
that you'd find the answer,

For illness and hunger,
and anger and greed.
That you'd somehow help others
find just what they need.

They yelled, "Postman!" or "Surgeon!"
"Musician!", or "Teacher!"
"A Banker or lawyer!"
"A Pilot or Preacher!"

One angel in front said,
"A Skilled Cabinet Maker."
Another called out,
"A Pastry Chef Baker!"

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