The Angels In Heaven
danced when you were born

The smallest of angels
raised high her small hand.
She shushed up the singing,
and hushed up the band.

She said, "I'm so scared
for this teeny, wee baby.
What if they're too tall,
or too short, or just maybe,"

"They snort when they giggle,
or lisp when they talk.
And what if they wiggle,
and limp when they walk?"

"What if they are deaf,
or they have to wear braces?
And what if their fingers
can't tie their shoe laces?"

"Their eyes may not see,
or they'll need to wear glasses.
And what if they need
to re-do a few classes?"

"They may not be able
to write or to spell,
to add or subtract,
or to draw very well."

"Their words may sound strange,
and their classmates make fun,
of they way that they dress,
or they way that they run."

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