The Angels In Heaven
danced when you were born

The oldest of angels
walked up with a smile.
And he said, "There will be
every once and a while,"

"A person who thinks
a child has special needs,
but every child born
is so special indeed."

"Not one single grain
on a beach full of sand,
is the same, but that beach
is still gorgeous and grand."

"And there never has been,
nor there ever will be,
two fish or two whales
just a like in the sea."

"Not one single bird,
and not one single feather,
fly just the same,
in the same kinds of weather."

"Don't you see that there's nothing
on Earth that's the same?
It's that way on purpose,
there's no one to blame."

"And just who's to say
what is right and what's wrong?
Since they can't be the same,
they've been right all along."

"So, you see, it's OK.
It's no matter the way,
that they talk or they walk,
or the way that they say,"

"'Good Morning!', 'How are you?'
or 'How do you do?'
It's all in the way that
their hearts say, 'I love you!'"

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