Katie said, "Whew! What a trip!
We have been to the sea."
"We swam there with Willy
as free as could be!"

"Then we went up to Heaven,
and then to the Moon."
"It's way past my bed time,
I should go home soon."

Bloop Goopy just stared
at the sand with a frown.
Then big, goopy tears
dribbled down to the ground.
'You're the best friend
that I ever have had."
Katie Did smiled right back
and said, "please don't be sad."
"There's fuzzy friends here,
and they're truly a peach."
"And I will see YOU,
when you visit the beach."

"I suppose I could color
a picture or two."
"And maybe a puzzle.
Yes, that's what I'll do."

"Then I'll go home
and I'll write a new tale."
"'Bout a green goopy hand
that keeps peaches in jail!"

Everyone laughed,
including Bloop Goopy.
The Neon Peach said,
"We are free!" then yelled, "Whoopie!!"

"I'll light up the tunnle
for you to the beach."
"And then would you stay
with a small Neon Peach?"

Katie picked up the peach,
and she kissed his peach fuzz.
"Absolutely!" she said,
"You're my friend and because..."

"I love reading books
late at night on the beach."
"And reading's much better
with light from a peach!"

"And the next thing I say,
will sound strange - It won't rhyme,"
"But the words that I say
will be true for all time."
* * *
*Love is a fruit in season at all times and in reach of every hand.*
~Mother Teresa~
* * *
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I sure am glad Katie and Bloop Goopy became friends. Aren't you? Keep checking back, because Katie Did and the Neon Peach will always come back to visit their friends and she will always bring new stories with her. Thanks for going along.
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* * * * *