'Katie Did'
the grown up kid
Her Collection Of  Original, Illustrated, Rhyming Stories
For Kids Of All Ages.

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One night, Katie Did
took a trip to the beach.
She took her umbrella,
two books and a peach.

Then up from the ground
came a green goopy hand,
and it yanked Katie Did
down a hole in the sand!

She coughed and she sputtered,
sand went up her nose.
It clogged up her ears,
and it stuck 'tween her toes.

She fell deeper and deeper.
She just kept on going.
Where she would stop,
she had no way of knowing.

The farther she fell,
the much faster she flew.
Sand stuck to her hair,
and her eyeglasses too.

Then she flew from hole,
and crashed hard to the ground.
It was dark. It was quiet.
She heard not a sound.

Then she saw a small peach
with a soft neon glow.
And she pondered the place
where a glow peach would grow.

The glow from the peach
showed her right where she was.
She gasped with surprise,
then she giggled because...

She was still at the beach,
but the underneath side.
She shook off the sand
and said, "Wow! What a ride!"

"I've gone many places,
I've done many things.
I've been north, I've been south,
I've seen Queens, I've seen Kings."

"But I'll have to admit,"
Katie threw up her hands,
"that I've never seen beaches
with kid sucking sands!"

" I've seen goblins and ghosts
and wild spooks in the night.
But never a peach glowing
soft neon light."

The peach said, "You're right.
This strange place is unique.
And the furnishings here
change at least twice a week."

"And those furnishings come
from the green goopy hand.
He wiggles and slithers at night
through the sand."

"He steals lots of stuff
every night from the beaches.
But what he loves stealing
the most are us peaches!"

The peach said, "Don' worry,
the hand never bites."
Then it plugged in a strand
of small twinkling lights.

The lights lit up nicely
the beach way down under.
Scratching her head,
Katie Did said, "I wonder..."

"What else is down here
that was once on the beaches?
Are there more just like you?
Are there more neon peaches?"

The peach said, "I think
I'm a one of a kind.
But there's more peaches here,
so I don't really mind."

"They may not be neon,
But peaches they are.
And peaches are peaches,
from here or afar."

Then out from the shadows,
came many more peaches.
There were peaches from some
of the world's greatest beaches.

Peaches from China,
and Russia, Peru.
From Africa, Bangkok,
and Italy too.

Then she saw that the small
neon peach was quite right.
He was one of a kind,
with his soft neon light.

The Small twinkling lights
lit umbrellas and chairs.
There were shoes and beach bags,
beneath old wooden stairs,

Which led right straight up
to a ceiling of sand.
They were paths to the beach
for the peach stealing hand.

They found lots of stuff
from his beach stealing capers.
There were hand written letters,
and rolled up news papers.

They saw baskets for picnics,
with knives, forks and spoons.
There were big rubber rafts,
and beach towels with cartoons.

Then without warning,
green fog filled the air.
Through the fog came the hand,
and it sat in a chair.

It snarled and it said,
"And just who would YOU be?"
Katie smartly replied,
"OH! Well!...let me see!"

"I'm Katie Did,
the famous kid writer.
The fact that you ask,
means you've had too much cider."

"Perhaps you need glasses!"
She asked, "Can't you see?
YOU yanked me here!
And just WHO might YOU be?"

The hand was so mad
that he jumped to his wrist.
And he yelled, "I'm Bloop Goopy!"
while making a fist.

Then Katie remembered
her dad's wise advise...
'When someone gets mad,
you just try to be nice.'

So she turned to Bloop Goopy
and said, "Here's the deal,
I tell great stories,
and well...you just steal."

"I'll tell you some stories
and then you will see,
that books are much better
than stealing could be!"

Bloop Goopy just laughed
and he roared, "It's a deal!
When your stories are finished,
it's YOU I will steal!"

"You'll live here forever,
you'll never go home.
You'll be just like me.
You'll be sad and alone!"

"And you'll have just one friend,
this small, scrawny peach.
It's the ugliest peach
ever stole from a beach."

It was Katie's turn now
to get mad and she screeched,
"Don't pick on my friend!
He's a beautiful peach!"

Bloop Goopy sat down,
in his chair, gave a sigh.
Then sarcastically said,
"Oh I'm sorry. Don't cry."

Then he said with a snarl,
just as mean as he could,
"I'll let both of you go,
if your stories are good!"

"But I'm sure that won't happen,"
He said with a wink.
"I've heard every tale,
and well...they all stink!"

"But you haven't heard these!"
said the small neon peach.
"And I know very soon,
I'll be back at the beach."

And with that Katie Did
took a most gracious bow.
She said, "Thank you my friend.
Are we all ready now?"

Katie said, "Good.
Here's what every one knows...
I'm Katie Did. I tell stories,
Here goes"...

Click HERE to follow Katie Did, and
watch as she proves to Bloop Goopy
that her stories don't 'stink'!

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